What happens during a treatment? 

The healing power of crystals is very profound.  Many problems can be treated.  Before your first session a confidential consultation is taken to gain a holistic picture of your health as it is now and any problems you have had in the past.  Crystal healing addresses the emotional energies that cause stress, which ultimately leads to the physical manifestation of dis-ease. Therefore crystal healing does not claim to 'cure' physical illness. No clothes are removed except for shoes, you are covered with a blanket laying on a couch or on comfortable floor matting.  Colour, sound and plant energies are often used to enhance and complement the energies of the crystals.  Each healing is a unique experience, unfolding and adjusting the energies of the client in the moment.  During the treatment which is approximately an hour, all you need do is to relax and drift off into a space of peace and serenity allowing the time and space for your own healing.  You may be aware of shifting energies and see colours or you may feel as though you have 'been somewhere'.  During the healing, the space is held by the healer and you will feel perfectly safe

Crystal Healing helps you to unwind, relax and rebalance your body's energies.  When our energy is balanced we begin to heal naturally. 

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