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Crystal Healing Treatments:

"Before crystal healing I felt low in energy and very stressed at work.  I feel the sessions are very beneficial to my sense of well-being and come regularly.  My work colleagues notice the difference when I've had a treatment.  I feel I can rise above and deal with all my stress." - Tracy.

"Before crystal healing I felt a bit apprehensive with relationships.  Now I have found a new man and I'm very happy!" Suzi.

'Initially I went to see Gwyneth curious to try Crystal Healing but rather sceptical. I was


Professional Crystal Healing Diploma:

'I have really enjoyed and valued every moment of my diploma course for Crystal Healing with you.  I have discovered almost as much about my self as I have about the crystals I came to know on the two year crystal journey with you.   The course was so varied and interesting as well as such fun and healing.  Even if people do not want to become healers they will still get so much from attending the course and will heal aspects of themselves along the way just as I have.   Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience love and blessings Dee X'

'There are many crystal healing diploma courses out there, but I’m so glad I chose this one run by Gwyneth. It is not just another course, it’s more of a life experience for me. I learnt a lot about crystals healing in the first year and at the same time I went through a fascinating self-healing process. I feel like I came a long way and this is mainly thank to Gwyneth and her magic touch.' - Lara

'I am halfway through the two year diploma course in crystal healing.  The course is superb, I have learned and experienced so much.  Gwyneth is an excellent teacher.  She is extremely knowledgeable, is very giving of herself and encouraging.  The course is flexible and can be fitted around personal committments.  Learning about and experiencing the crystals is a privilege, but we learn so much more about others aspects of healing too.  At the end of this year Gwyneth and the course will have enabled me to become an all round proficient healer.' - Sue

'I highly recommend this course, Gwyneth's knowledge and excellent teaching skills have taught me so much, not only about crystals and healing but also about myself, it is a real journey of self-discovery and expansion.' - Pia

‘Jen and I have had the most wonderful experience being students of the Crystal Healing Diploma for the past two yers. You have supported us every step of the way in enabling us to understand and to love crystals. Certainly our lives have been transformed under your guidance. You are truly a fantastic teacher. ‘ Eunice and Jen


"Since beginning Crystal Journeys I have been on a spiritual journey.  My intuition has really developed and my spirituality has grown. I have learnt alot working with the crystals." - Kathy

 Gwyneth Robbins: 01749 572885/07505904804 E: robbins.gwyneth@gmail.com

"Before I felt very anxious a lot of the time.  I look forward to the sessions as I find it relaxes me and I feel much more calm these days." Jean

"I enjoy having some time out for me.  Gwyneth is always pleasant and caring." Jackie

pleasantly surprised at the deep sense of peace and well being I felt.

In fact, it is one of the most relaxing therapies I have experienced. I

wanted to find out more about the amazing properties of the crystals so

enrolled on Gwyneth’s Crystal Journey. These sessions provided an oasis

of calm away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it was

fascinating working with the different crystals. I am definitely a convert!'

"Through crystal journeys I've been amazed at the different energies crystals have and how powerful they are.  I have found it all enlightening and informative." - Zara

'I really enjoyed the course it was very well taught by gwyneth .I thank her for her patience and kindness and the knowledge she shared with all of us .Angela x'

'I have been attending the Crystal Healing Diploma for over a year now and find it wonderfully relaxing and enlightening. Gwyneth is warm and patient and completely in tune with the crystals we work with. Even though I had an extensive knowledge of crystals before I began this course I have learned so much. I can completely recommend it. '- Lynne