Welcome to Crystal Heart School of Crystal Healing

'What is it about crystals that fascinates us so much?  Is it their colour, their shape, their innate beauty that calls to us? Is it the knowing that within the crystals and rocks of the Earth, there exists a profound wisdom and healing energy just waiting to be shared in order to re-create balance within and without.  So whether your interest is in crystals, crystal therapy or energy healing - you have come to the right place to learn more.' - Gwyneth Robbins-Cox 2013

What is Crystal Healing Therapy?

Everything that exists is made up of energy.  Energy has a vibratory resonance.  When energy moves, a change is created.  Crystal Healing Therapy is a vibrational medicine.  When a crystal is introduced into our energy field, an exchange of energies takes place enabling our energy to be given new positive energy which will enable us to re-align ourselves, feel re-charged, balanced and begin to become more whole.  All crystals resonate differently and have different properties, it is in their interaction with our own inner crystalline body that healing may take place. 


You will find information right here about :

Crystal Heart Journeys - an online Crystal awareness course, for your greater understanding of the mineral kingdom

Gaia's Earth Medicine - a year long online course working with the energies of the seasons around the wheel of the year and the energies of crystals and plants for personal healing.


Crystal Healing IS a very profound and amazing experience!


 Gwyneth Robbins-Cox 

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