Crystal Journeys

Crystal Journeys is Here!

Do you love crystals? Do you maybe have a little collection of crystals but you're not quite sure how to work with them? Find out here how crystals can help you be more confident and improve your life. This crystal awareness course is for you!

Online Crystal JourneysTM   is a highly popular, successful online course. The course consists of  5 parts accessed by password through webpages.  The course will give you written and audio information to include the care of crystals, how to sense and attune to crystal energy, the crystal meditation journeys themselves and full online back up, feedback and support via email.  The current special offer cost is just £90 which includes 10 crystals to work with which will be shipped to your address.  Wow! Too good to miss . . .

You can download a Free E-book on which Crystals attract Wealth and Abundance right here:

Our own personal experience of crystal energies is of far more value and accuracy than simply looking up a crystal in a book!  Book references can be useful, but these references are an authors interpretation of the energy - YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IS FAR MORE VALUABLE.  When we attune to a crystal, the resonant signature of that crystal remains within our energy field and we can recall that resonance at any time! 

This is the essence of Crystal Journeys TM .'

Gwyneth Robbins-Cox  01749 572885/ 07505904804