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Crystal Heart has now broken the Diploma into three modules:

Module One - over three days.

This first level covers the basics of crystal healing. Its a first taste of learning how to use crystals to heal yourself and others. It forms a structured basis for those who are wishing to begin their journey of learning with crystals and energies off to a healthy start.  For more info and a copy of the syllabus - click here.

Module Two - over a further 4 weekends  - a more in depth look at the subtle bodies, self-healing, looking at chakras, crystal healing techniques, crystallography and distance healing.

Third Module - Professional Diploma:


In order to obtain the full diploma, students must attend 14 further days of tuition.  During this time you will explore your own creative intuitive gifts as a healer working with 20 more crystals, plant energies, colour and sound.  The course contains all elements of a standard core curriculum of training. On completion students will receive an accredited Professional Crystal and Energy Healing Diploma, which will enable you to practice professionally and obtain your own public liability insurance.  

 Crystal Heart School upholds very high standards of integrity within the energy medicine field and the minimum period of study for a Crystal Healing Diploma is spread over two years.  This is to ensure that the student is fully confident in their own practice, to protect the public from the mis-application of crystals for healing and to develop a strong and confident  public awareness of crystal and energy medicine.   Students receive full support from the Crystal Heart School and have the opportunity to be listed as a professional practitioner on the Crystal Heart Community page here, Mycrystalguru and to advertise freely on our community facebook page.

Courses begin in Spring and Autumn.

NEXT COURSE BEGINS: 22/23/24 April 2016

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Please contact Gwyneth Robbins-Cox, Principal for further information you may require. See contact details at the bottom of the page.

 Gwyneth Robbins-Cox 01749 572885/07505 904804

The Advanced Level Diploma in Crystal Healing

is for graduates who have completed a Professional Diploma Course - please contact me to see if you are eligible. Eligibility depends on the standard of your previous course. The course is for people who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience within crystal healing.  The syllabus includes working with plants, flower essences, planetary healing, the collective consciousness, angels and ascended masters, working with the plant kingdom, death and dying, sympathy/empathy, listening skills, challenges in practice as well as working with more 'advanced' crystal energies. The course takes place over 6 weekends spread through one year part time. Homework and client case studies are part of this course.  Please contact Gwyneth (details below) for full details, or go to