About Crystal Heart





Crystal Heart School of Crystal Healing is run by Gwyneth Robbins-Cox. 

Gwyneth has been a complementary therapist for thirty years and practices aromatherapy, reflexology, angelic reiki, crystal healing and is a reiki master and level 3 aura soma colour practitioner.  Gwyneth began teaching short courses in reiki, reflexology and colour therapy 10 years ago before establishing Crystal Heart School in 2008. 

'My own journey with crystals has been immensely profound.  Through studying for a Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing my life changed immensely.  It brought me back to the core of myself after the trauma of a divorce.  The power of crystals and energy healing can be immense when applied correctly.  I have much gratitude to the mineral kingdom.  From my own experiences I wanted to share the profound healing knowledge that working with crystals brings and so created Crystal Heart School.  There is nothing I enjoy more than watching the healing abilities of students unfold over the two years of the diploma course, sharing knowledge and experiences and supporting students through their own transformation.'

Gwyneth is also a Priestess of Avalon, a self initiated journey which is profoundly and personally transformative. She lives in Somerset with her husband and two teenage daughters. 

 Gwyneth Robbins-Cox  01749 572885/07505904804

 E robbins.gwyneth@gmail.com